Mini Master Chef

Cooking is an indispensable life skill that every child deserves to learn. Introducing Mini Master Chef: A Baking Program, led by our qualified chef.

This program is meticulously designed to cultivate a love for cooking in children while promoting healthy eating habits and fostering an appreciation for nutritious food. Engaging and interactive activities will expose children to various ingredients, cooking techniques, and essential kitchen safety. They’ll also have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills by experimenting with ingredients.

Through the Mini Master Chef program, your child will acquire an invaluable skills that will resonate throughout their life journey. Join us and witness your child’s inner chef flourish!

Little Garden Gurus

Nature and its wonders come to life in our Little Garden Gurus program. Our gardening initiative is used to kindle children’s love for plants and the environment.

With the goal of cultivating an edible garden, this program imparts knowledge about plants, vegetables, herbs, and the significance of environmental awareness. We also teach the importance of water saving and recycling, instilling eco-friendly practices from an early age.


Sports Program

At Happy Hippo Childcare, we’re on a mission to foster a community of active and healthy children through our engaging sports program. Our vision extends beyond physical activity, aiming to cultivate a sense of belonging, identity, and fairness that transcends sports and resonates throughout life’s journey.

This program is more than just physical exercise; it focuses on nurturing social and emotional development. Our team guides children to build self-confidence, enhance communication skills, and cultivate positive relationships with peers. By participating in various sports and activities, children build a strong foundation of physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

Enrol your child at Happy Hippo Childcare and start them on an active, healthy lifestyle!

Music Program

Harmonising with the rhythm of life, our Music Program is an integral part of early childhood development. Embracing music in all its forms, we offer engaging music classes suitable for all ages.

Music not only refines rhythm and timing but also nurtures creativity, bolsters self-confidence, and develops communication skills. Our experienced Music Educators curate an atmosphere where children explore the joy of making music while developing a lifelong appreciation of music and rythm. 

Join us at Happy Hippo Childcare and watch as your child’s world resonates with the beautiful symphony of learning and self-expression!