Meet our Centre Managers

It gives me an absolute thrill to see children achieve new goals and milestones and for me to know I assisted these children achieving them. I also take great pleasure in the way children respond to me as I see this as validation of me doing a good job.

Heather Honeyborne
Annadale - Centre Manager
My passion is driven by observing children achieve the best possible learning outcomes and celebrating these with their families along the way. This means as a leader of the service I am motivated to mentor, teach and guide my team of Teacher’s and Educator’s to be the best professionals they can be. To me there is nothing more rewarding that sharing your knowledge and passion with another team member and seeing them not only use this skill, but enhance it by adding their own values, beliefs and knowledge to the idea. I truly love supporting others and working with children, educators and families on a daily basis. This is my happy place.
Belle Spillman
Brunswick - Centre Manager

Knowing that what we are educating the children on today will some day have an impact on what they are going to do or where they will be heading for the future. Not only are we educating the children, we are also working in partnership with their families and for some, we are also working alongside additional support services so as to ensure that we are making a positive difference and we are striving for the best for your children.

Amanda Perram
Lovely Banks - Centre Manager
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