Kinder Programs

Our Kinder Programs

Give Your Child the Best Start with our Kinder Programs.

2 FREE childcare days including Funded Kindergarten available – depending on child care subsidy rate.

Discover the exceptional Kinder Programs at Happy Hippo Kindergarten and Childcare, where learning flourishes and opportunities abound. 

We proudly offer integrated 3 & 4-year-old Kindergarten Programs across all our Centres, ensuring your child’s growth and development are nurtured in a supportive environment.

Why is Kindergarten Important?

A stepping stone to success, Kindergarten marks an exciting chapter in a child’s educational journey. In the 2 years preceding school, your child embarks on a journey of exploration, embracing new challenges and joyful learning experiences. 

Our dedicated Teachers craft unique programs designed to foster positive attitudes towards learning, while nurturing, challenging, and inspiring your child.


Skills for School

Our 4 year old Kinder Program encompasses our School Readiness Program which is a beacon of intellectual stimulation, fostering confidence, resilience, and a robust self-esteem.

This program empowers children for their transition to school, ensuring a positive and enthusiastic start to their academic pathway. 

Collaboratively curated with local school teachers, education experts, our management team, and whithin the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. 

Our School Readiness Program places paramount importance on emotional confidence, social bonds, the fundamentals of learning, and holistic well-being. We cater to each child’s emerging interests, strengths, and unique needs.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Boundless possibilities await your child, shaped by both individual and group aspirations, and guided by the most significant influence on their learning – your family!

  • Emotional Confidence: Encouraging exploration of self-identity, expression and comprehension of emotions in themselves and others, building confidence, and fostering resilience. This creates a solid foundation for embracing the new learning environment and routines of school.
  • Social Connectivity: Nurturing connections and friendships within the classroom and playground, promoting positive relationships with peers and educators.
  • Fundamental Learning: Equipping your child with essential early literacy and numeracy skills, mastering of writing tools, developing  creative thinking abilities. These foundational skills are pivotal for success in reading, writing, numeracy, and problem-solving.
  • Physical Health and Emotional Wellbeing: Cultivating knowledge of healthy living, enhancing self-care practices, and refining physical skills. This empowerment ensures your child’s readiness for active participation in schoolyard play and self-care routines within the school environment.

At Happy Hippo Kindergarten and Childcare, we’re committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are poised to embrace their educational journey with confidence, curiosity, and excitement. Join us in shaping the brightest future for your child!