Give Your Child the Best Start with Our Kinder Programs – Free Childcare Days including Funded Kindergarten Available!

Happy Hippo Kindergarten and Childcare offer 3 & 4 year old integrated Kindergarten Programs in all Centres.

Why is Kindergarten Important?

Skills for School

Starting school is an exciting time in a child’s learning journey. In the year before school, your child will experience some exciting challenges and have lots of fun learning. To prepare your child for a smooth transition to school and to develop positive dispositions to learning, teachers and educators will create a unique programs to nurture, challenge and inspire your child.

Our School Readiness Program stimulates young minds, builds confidence, resilience and promotes high levels of self-esteem, self-image and supports children’s transition to school, preparing them for a positive start to life. It acknowledges that all children can achieve success and will help your child reach their potential.

The school readiness program has been created in consultation with local school teachers, education experts, the management team and embedded of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. We have a strong focus on emotional confidence, social connectivity, fundamentals of learning and physical development and emotional wellbeing while considering your child’s emerging interests, strengths and needs.

What will your child learn?

The opportunities are endless and are influenced by individual and group goals as well as input from the most important influence on the child’s learning – their families!

  • Emotional Confidence – your child will explore their identity, learn to express and understand emotions in themselves and in others, develop confidence in their own abilities, and build resilience. These support a confident start to their new learning environment and routines at school.
  • Social Connectivity – Establish new relationships and connections with others in the classroom and playground.
  • Fundamental Learning – Your child will learn early literacy and numeracy skills, use of writing implements and research, discovery and creative thinking. These are important beginning to writing, reading, numeracy and problem-solving required for the academic side of school.
  • Physical Health and Emotional Wellbeing – Your child will learn about healthy living, increase independence in self-care practices and enhance physical skills. These ensure your child is equipped to physically care for themselves and engage in schoolyard play in the school environment.

Our Centres are open 6:30AM – 6:30PM Monday – Friday excluding public holidays