Exciting Programs for Toddlers to Enjoy at Day Care

There are many parents who decide to send their pre-school child to childcare in preparation for starting in fulltime education. Opting for childcare means your child will be able to benefit in many ways. Of course, one of the things that childcare does is to get your child used to being away from parents and familiar surroundings for set periods at a time. However, your child will benefit in many other ways.

In addition to getting used to socialising with others and developing their confidence, your child also gets to take part in a range of exciting activities and programs while at the service. This is something that is key to a child’s development, which is why childcare and kindergarten can be so beneficial for children. In this article, we will look at some of the great programs and activities your child can take part in while at our service.

Some of the Programs and Activities at Childcare

The varied and exciting programs and activities at childcare facilities means that your child will be able to learn, socialise, build up their confidence, and enjoy a range of stimulation. Some of the programs they can look forward to include:

Cooking and Food

While you may not think that youngsters need to have experience with cooking and food, this is something that will benefit them hugely as they get a little older. With the right activities, kids will really take an interest in the world of cooking, and this is the start of the development of important skills. In addition, these activities also help to teach kids about healthy eating, which is vital these days given the problems we see with childhood obesity.

Gardens and Nature

Another thing kids can learn about through Childcare activities is gardening and nature. Being outdoors and getting fresh air is important for children, and when they spend time taking an interest in nature and gardening, they will be able to spend plenty of time outdoors. In addition, they can learn some valuable information about gardening.

Connecting with the Community

It is also vital for children to learn how to socialise and connect with others apart from their immediate family, and this is something else they can learn. Not only will they be able to take part in activities that enable them to socialise with other children, but they will also be able to enjoy activities that enable them to learn and connect with the community around them. This is something that can prove hugely helpful as they get older and move into fulltime education.

Sports and Activity

Being active in sports is also important for kids, as it enables them to have lots of fun, be competitive, and maintain fitness levels. At childcare, children can look forward to a diverse array of sports activities catering to their age group, which gives them a good, solid foundation from which to get involved in other sports as they get older.


These days, children can even build foundations when it comes to learning other languages, which helps them to develop their skills when it comes to diversity and other cultures. There are fun, pre-school activities that will enable them to develop their interests in other languages and cultures.

Find Out More at Happy Hippo

At Happy Hippo, your child can benefit from programs such as those outlined above, giving them a great start to a brighter future. To find out more about what we offer at our childcare and kindergarten center, simply get in touch with a member of the team today.