What to Consider When Choosing a Childcare Facility

It is only natural for parents who are looking for a childcare facility for their children to want the best. The facility you choose can have a big impact on your child’s early years in terms of the environment they are in, what they learn, and how they socialise with other children. This is why you need to ensure you put plenty of thought into choosing the right facility for your little one. There are various options available when it

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5 Questions to Ask When Visiting a Child Care Centre

If you are considering a childcare centre for your little ones, naturally, you’re going to want to ensure you make the right choice. It is important for any parent to get a better understanding of any facility they are considering for their child. This is something that can provide valuable peace of mind as well as making it easier for you to select the ideal facility for your child. It is important to pay a visit to any child care

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Little Garden Gurus

Every day the Lion children help teacher Khushbu take care of the garden. The children take their watering cans out into the yard and water the plants as well as pull up any pesky weeds growing there. We are currently growing carrots, parsley, tomatoes and watermelon. The plants are looking very healthy because the children take good care of them! Teaching children about caring for living things and the environment ensures they become kind and responsible members of society!

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Mini Master Chefs

Last week, the children helped Aaron our in-house Chef make pizzas for lunch as a part of our weekly “Mini Master Chefs” program. Each child had a turn at smoothing on the tomato base and adding ingredients. Teaching children about cooking in their early years not only assists them in developing life skills, but also introduces foundation maths concepts by using cups and spoons to measure out ingredients!

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