Children in the Garden: 5 Tips and Benefits

It’s no secret that kids love digging in the dirt. Why not structure that fun by teaching kids about where their food comes from? Gardening helps children to connect with plants and nature, developing lifelong habits of environmental stewardship.  With the increasing use of electronics and screens, it’s more important than ever to teach kids how to have fun outdoors. Gardening can help foster patience and persistence in young children. Check out some easy tips to get your children excited about gardening. 01. Have fun! Young kids need to be stimulated to keep them focused. Be sure that your child engages with the exciting tasks in the garden such as watering, digging, and planting. Leave the weeding and pruning to the adults and let the kids get dirty. 02. Give kids the proper space and equipment Designate a specific space in your garden for kids. Having their own space gives children a sense of ownership and control. Kids will be more inclined to take care of and protect a project of their own. Additionally, kids should be fitted with appropriately sized equipment. Tight gloves and small hand tools will help kids feel capable. Don’t forget the miniature watering cans! 03.…

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