What Can Your Child Learn in 3 and 4 Year Old Kinder?

When you have little ones, you naturally want them to have the best start in life. This is in terms of their health, wellbeing, quality of life, and happiness. There are many factors you need to think about when it comes to achieving these goals, and one of these is to give your little one the best educational and social start in life. At the age of around three and four, children start to learn things and pick up new

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Why a Preschool Facility Is Beneficial for Your Child

When it comes to our children, we all want them to flourish in their education, their future, and their lives. Setting your little ones up for a successful future starts at an early age, and one of the things you can do in order to start them off on the right footing is to arrange for them to attend a preschool facility. This is something that many modern parents do, and it can provide your pre-school children with huge benefits

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Encouraging Your Preschooler’s Numeracy Development

It is never too early to start introducing your child to pre numeracy concepts. Children that are exposed to pre numeracy during preschool are likely to have an easier time with numeracy and other subjects throughout their school career. Encourage your child’s numeracy development with fun and engaging activities! Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate numeracy in your preschooler’s daily life, and help give them a head start in school. Concepts of Numeracy Numeracy concepts such

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3 Ways Nutrition Impacts Your Child’s Health

Nutrition plays an important role in contributing to the health and wellness of anyone, especially young, growing children. Little bodies use nutrients from food to fuel the development of the brain and body. A well-rounded diet provides the body with essential nutrients that the body isn’t able to produce on its own. Consuming appropriate amounts of the nutritious calories will help your child grow physically and mentally. Read below to learn how nutrition is directly linked to your child’s health!

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Children in the Garden: 5 Tips and Benefits

It’s no secret that kids love digging in the dirt. Why not structure that fun by teaching kids about where their food comes from? Gardening helps children to connect with plants and nature, developing lifelong habits of environmental stewardship.  With the increasing use of electronics and screens, it’s more important than ever to teach kids how to have fun outdoors. Gardening can help foster patience and persistence in young children. Check out some easy tips to get your children excited

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