Passionately dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Community

Happy Hippo Childcare Group is a family-owned and operated business proudly serving three vibrant communities in Melbourne: Annadale, Brunswick, and Lovely Banks. Our commitment to excellence shines through our modern facilities, where early education forms the heart of our curriculum.

Enriching Programs and Dedicated Educators

Children of all ages at our centres have access to a diverse range of enriching programs, including cooking, gardening, language development, sports, and more. Our dedicated Educators hold a spectrum of qualifications, ranging from Certificate III in Early Childhood Education to Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood. Upholding the highest standards, our team adheres to the Child Safe Standards, which encompasses mandatory first aid certification, thorough background checks, and regular renewal of Working with Children clearances.

Continuous Learning and Exceptional Education

With a strong focus on continuous learning, our educators are deeply committed to delivering exceptional educational programs. They participate in ongoing professional development, ensuring that our children receive the best possible care and guidance.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share our expertise and passion for early childhood education with your family. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of growth and learning, nurturing your child’s potential in a safe and inspiring environment.

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Enrolment Process

When you join the Happy Hippo family, you’re taking a step toward providing your child with the best possible start. Our enrolment process is designed to be seamless, ensuring a smooth transition into our nurturing environment.

Waitlist Registration: To secure your place, complete our waitlist form by clicking “Enrol Now.” We allocate places based on order of priority and vacancy.

Booking Fee: Once we offer you a place, a $100 booking fee is required to secure it. This fee becomes a $100 credit on your account when your child starts. 

Enrolment Form: Upon confirming your booking fee, you’ll receive an electronic link to complete your enrolment form before your orientation begins.

Registration Steps:

  1. Click “Enrol Now”
  2. Provide your contact details
  3. Select your preferred Centre
  4. Receive a confirmation email from the selected Centre
  5. Centre will contact you and walk you through the enrolment. 

Government Funding

You may be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), a support payment from the Australian Government. This assistance helps offset your childcare costs based on your family’s Activity Test.

Ensure each family member has their own Customer Reference Number (CRN) linked and assessed under the ‘Activity Test’ to be eligible for CCS. Without this, full fee charges will apply.

To Register:

Please note: This process can take up to one month for approval by Centrelink. 

We’re excited to welcome you into our Happy Hippo Childcare family, where learning and growth flourish in a nurturing and supportive environment.