5 Questions to Ask When Visiting a Child Care Centre

If you are considering a childcare centre for your little ones, naturally, you’re going to want to ensure you make the right choice. It is important for any parent to get a better understanding of any facility they are considering for their child. This is something that can provide valuable peace of mind as well as making it easier for you to select the ideal facility for your child.

It is important to pay a visit to any child care centre you are thinking of using for your children, and while there you should ask pertinent questions so you can get a better feel for the facility. You may have lots of questions you want to ask, so it is best to make a list up beforehand so you can take it along when you visit the facility.

To help make this task easier and provide you with some ideas with regards to the questions you should ask, we have listed some common questions that you may want to add to your list.

1. What Assessment Rating Does the Centre Have?

When you visit the facility, you should ask whether the centre has gone through an assessment, which is the usual process for long day care centres. If so, you should check to see what the rating was following the assessment. There are a number of ratings that may have been issued to the centre ranging from the top rating of excellent down to the bottom rating of significant improvements required.

2. What Is Included in the Daily Rate?

Another key question you need to ask is what is included within the daily rate that you have to pay out for childcare. This is something that can vary from one child care centre and facility to another, so it is important to check this with each one you are considering. Some of the things included may be nappies, sunscreen, and meals, but this is something you need to double-check just to be on the safe side. 

3. Is Catering Onsite or Provided Externally?

Many parents will also be interested in what their child is being fed while at the child care centre, and with this in mind, you may want to ask whether the catering is sorted out onsite or ordered externally. Some facilities will prepare and cook all food at their own facility while others may use external caterers for meals. This is something you may wish to check on. 

4. How Many People Are in the Room Each Day?

The size of child care centres can vary and naturally you want to ensure your little one is not in an overcrowded facility with little room to explore. So, with this in mind, you should check how many people including children and staff are in the room each day and inquire about the ratio of staff to teachers/ childcare workers. This will also enable you to determine whether staffing levels are sufficient. 

5. What Is the Daily Routine?

Finally, you should speak to the staff at the facility to find out what the daily routine is for the children. This includes meal times, sleep times, and play times over the course of the day. You may also want to find out more about outside activities and playtime so you can determine how much of each day is spent outdoors. 

Get in Touch with the Child Care Experts

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